Instant Access Workshops:

Bring your knitting skills to the next level with these online workshops, designed so you can binge-watch the lessons on-demand, knowing you can easily find what you're looking for if you ever need to refer back to a lesson. It's like having a knitting instructor by your side!

The Beginners Guide to Lace Knitting Workshop

Do you love the look of lace knitting?

(but it scares you a little)

Have you seen a lace pattern or chart?

(and it scared you a lot)

Feeling like you've mastered your knits and purls,

and now you’re ready for more?

🧶 Discover the basic stitches used to create elegant lace knitting.

🧶 Understand lace knitting chart symbols.

🧶 Learn how to decode a knitting chart, so you don’t have to work from pages and pages of written instructions (or know a secret language!)

Conquer Cable Knitting Workshop

You can learn to knit cables with confidence in just 5 days with my Conquer Cable Knitting Challenge Workshop!

Do you drool over gorgeous cable knit hats, cowls, and sweaters ... all while dreaming of knitting them yourself?

Are you ready for the Ultimate Cable Knitting Experience?

Join me for this 5-Day On-Demand Workshop where you will learn everything you need to knit your own beautiful cable projects!

A Taste of Brioche Knitting Workshop

In this deep-dive workshop, I’ll help you …

🧶 Get started with learning the fundamentals & history of the brioche knitting technique.

🧶 Understand brioche knitting chart symbols.

🧶 Discover how to work with two colors and create the squishy, fluffy, characteristic reversible fabric of Brioche. You'll also learn how to work brioche with 1 color, and variations of the brioche stitch.

🧶 Learn essential tips and tricks for fixing common mistakes in brioche knitting.

🧶 Explore various increase and decrease methods to shape your brioche projects. Master these techniques to add interest to your knitted pieces.

What if you didn't have to spend hours undoing your knitting or taking it all apart?

How amazing would it be to keep moving forward on your project?

Save your time (and your sanity).

Take your knitting to the next level.

I'll show you step-by-step, how to do it easily ... even if you are many rows past a mistake in your knitting!

Learn the techniques I use to correct my own knitting mistakes as an instructor and designer.

Knitting Pattern Tutorials

Beginner Knitting Tutorials:

Cast On Methods:

Long-Tail Cast-On and Knitted Cast-On

Pattern Specific Tutorials:

Ahava Hat Special Stitches:

Tubular 1x1 Cast-On with Scrap Yarn

Alim Shawlette Special Stitches: Video 1

Garter Tab Cast-On using the Provisional Cast-On Method

Alim Shawlette Special Stitches: Video 2

P1, YO, P1 - Crescent Shawl Double Increase on the Wrong Side (purl stitches)

Alim Shawlette Special Stitches: Video 3

Knitting the SK2P Knit Stitch

Alim Shawlette Special Stitches: Video 4

Knit the Picot Bind-Off

Bloom Hat Special Stitches:

Row of Flowers Stitch Motif - Knit in the Round

Bloom Hat: Finishing

Sewing the Brim of the Bloom Hat

Efflorescence Cowl Special Stitches: Video 1

Execute a yarn over between a purl and knit stitch, and between a knit and purl stitch.

Efflorescence Cowl Special Stitches: Video 2

2/2/2 LPC (6 stitch cable with two cable needles)

Efflorescence Cowl Special Stitches: Video 3

3 DC Crocheted Japanese Bobble Stitch

Efflorescence Cowl Special Stitches: Video 4

A quick video to walk you through knitting the beginning and end of Round 27 of the Efflorescence Cowl.

Huenique Hat Special Stitches:

Slip Stitch WYIF (with yarn in front) and Catch Strand

Sunshine and Shade Cowl Special Stitches: Video 1

Provisional Cast On with Scrap Yarn

Sunshine and Shade Cowl Special Stitches: Video 2

Knit Jogless Stripes in the Round

Sunshine and Shade Cowl Special Stitches: Video 3

Mosaic Knitting in the Round

Sunshine and Shade Cowl Special Stitches: Video 4

Undo a Scrap Yarn Provisional Cast On

Sunshine and Shade Cowl Special Stitches: Video 5

Kitchener Stitch in the Round - How to Graft a Tubular Cowl

Ravelry Tutorials:

Ravelry: Add a Project

Learn how to create a project page on, how to add photos, notes, and rate patterns! This is so helpful for those times you want to make something again. Help inspire other knitters and crocheters with your yarn selections and project notes.

Ravelry: Link to a Project

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