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Join me for the 

"A Taste of Brioche" Workshop!

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You'll feel empowered to dive into Brioche knitting projects

with a knitting instructor who cares about your success.

Are you a knitter who loves to explore new and exciting techniques?

Have you ever wanted to master the art of brioche knitting?

Have you tried brioche knitting in the past, and found yourself frustrated, confused, or worse ... in tears!?

Or maybe it's been a while and you need a refresher?

I've created the perfect opportunity for you to dive into this fascinating knitting technique and create the beautiful, squishy, fluffy brioche projects that you've been dreaming about.

You'll embark on a transformative knitting journey, and discover the secrets behind brioche knitting & gain the confidence to create your own stunning pieces.

This workshop
was made for you if ...

  • You've never tried Brioche knitting before ... and you're feeling (really) intimidated!


  • You tried Brioche knitting in the past, and made a mistake ... and had to tear out hours of your hard work (because no one taught you how to fix your mistakes!)


  • You tried Brioche in the past ... and could definitely use a refresher!


  • You took an in-person class, fell in love with the technique ... and promptly forgot everything (and feel lost without access to replays to rescue you when you're stuck)!

Once you learn the stitches, you'll fall in love with knitting brioche

just like I have!

Get lifetime replay access

to rescue you when you're stuck.

The stitch-by-stitch demonstrations

are included so you never miss a beat,

and empower you to master each technique with ease.

I'm a knitwear designer and instructor, and my passion is helping knitters who are ready to advance their skills. I love demystifying techniques to help you grow a toolbox of knowledge ... and build upon that knowledge with each project.

I can't wait to help you learn to love Brioche knitting as much as I do!

It's so empowering ... especially when you learn how to fix your own mistakes.

I can’t wait to show you how. 💪🏼

I’m soooo excited to introduce ...

A Taste of Brioche
Knitting Workshop

I will teach you the skills you need to learn for Brioche Knitting ... and keep from tearing out your hair, putting your project in time out for days or even years.

Stop spending hours undoing your work!

Learn at your own pace, and on your own schedule.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll learn in the A Taste of Brioche" Knitting Workshop

Brioche Basics

  • Get started with learning the fundamentals & history of the brioche knitting technique.

  • How to pick yarn colors to make your knitting project easier, and get your projects to really POP!

  • Discover the unique stitches and techniques that make brioche knitting so captivating: brioche knit, brioche purl, and slipping stitches.

  • Discover how to work with two colors and create the squishy, fluffy, characteristic reversible fabric of Brioche.

  • Cast on your "A Taste of Brioche" Cowl or Ear Warmer project!

Fixing Common Mistakes & Troubleshooting

These skills will help you learn how to fix your stitches & get back on track!

  • Learn essential tips and tricks for fixing common mistakes in brioche knitting.

  • I will guide you through the troubleshooting process, ensuring your knitting experience remains smooth and enjoyable.

  • Learn how to read your stitches … so you can easily find where you are in a pattern (even when there are distractions!)

  • Discover how to use lifelines in Brioche Knitting

Understanding Brioche Charts

  • We’ll walk through reading a charted pattern together so you’ll start to see how it works.

  • Learn how to read your stitches … so you can easily find where you are in a pattern.

Learn Brioche Stitch Flat in 2 colors

  • Learn how to work Brioche Knitting flat using 2 colors of yarn.

  • Explore different cast-on methods for Brioche Knitting.

  • Discover the differences between Brioche charts for knitting in the round vs. knitting flat.

Brioche Variations

  • Learn how easy and fun it is to create different variations of stitches in Brioche Knitting.

  • Discover different stitches including Fisherman's Rib and the Bee Stitch.

Increases & Decreases

  • Explore various increase and decrease methods to shape your brioche projects. Master these techniques to add interest to your knitted pieces.

  • We'll cast on my brand new "A Taste of Brioche" Hat pattern so you can put your newfound skills to work.

Plus ... you get all these exciting Bonuses!

($44 in value ... just in bonuses)

🎁 Bonus #1: Get THREE Brioche Patterns
($24 value)

Enhance your experience when you learn by doing! You'll receive my collection of 3 "A Taste of Brioche" patterns to practice your skills:

  • An easy-to-adjust cowl pattern

  • A quick-to-knit ear warmer pattern

  • A fun-to-knit hat to practice increases & decreases

🎁 Bonus #2: Resources & Cheat Sheets
($20 value)

  • Enjoy handy printable resources and cheat sheets to aid you throughout your brioche knitting journey. From stitch guides to troubleshooting tips, these resources will be your go-to references whenever you need assistance.

There are so many benefits to virtual classes!

What do my students say
about my workshops & courses?

"I've done a lot of classes, retreats etc. but I truly feel that Jessica has done more to improve my knitting than anything else.

Jessica has been such a blessing."

— Frances

"Jessica has helped me immensely and in such a timely fashion.

She goes above and beyond.."

— Shari

"This has been awesome, you're a natural born teacher.”

— Magda


Just $59

Join me for the

"A Taste of Brioche" Workshop,

and learn how to knit stunning Brioche projects

(and fix your mistakes too!)

Learn on your own schedule,

and at your own pace

in this comprehensive workshop.


You get ongoing replay access
to rescue you when you're stuck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access the lessons?

Lessons are ready to watch on-demand in our workshop classroom, so you can learn at your own pace, on your own schedule.

How will I access the patterns?

The collection of 3 workshop patterns will shared in your classroom as PDF files along with the corresponding lesson.

Will I need fancy computer skills?

You will not need a lot of fancy computer skills!

• The workshop materials, patterns, and printable resources will be available as downloadable PDF files.

• The video lessons will be available to watch in the web-based classroom. You can watch them on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, or mobile device. The larger the screen, the easier it will be to follow along.

What supplies will I need?

The full supply list will be available in your classroom after enrollment. The patterns are knit using worsted weight yarn and circular knitting needles in size US 7 / 4.5 mm and US 8 / 5.0 mm.

Do I need to buy special yarn or needles? Can I use supplies I already have?

You are welcome to knit with any yarn you have on hand, as long as the weight / thickness of the same. The patterns are designed using worsted weight yarn so it is easier to see your stitches.

Worsted weight yarn is defined as a "4 / medium weight" by the Craft Yarn Council.

You do not need specific brand needles, but you will need to knit these projects in the round. If you haven't knit in the round before, please reach out to me after enrolling and I will share helpful resources with you to get you started.

I cannot adjust the patterns for different yarn weights or needle sizes.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for you if ...

• You're an adventurous knitter who's mastered your knits & purls, and are ready for something new!

• You've never tried Brioche knitting before ... and you're feeling (really) intimidated!

• You tried Brioche knitting in the past, and made a mistake ... and had to tear out hours of your hard work (because no one taught you how to fix your mistakes!)

• You tried Brioche in the past ... and could definitely use a refresher!

• You took an in-person class, fell in love with the technique ... and promptly forgot everything (and feel lost without access to replays to rescue you when you're stuck)!

Who is this workshop not for?

This workshop is not right for you if ...

• You are not a knitter ... and have no desire to learn.

• You are a beginner knitter who is still learning the basics.

• You are a master knitter, already confident with your Brioche Knitting skills (and you don't mind waiting for the exclusive patterns to be available separately!)

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital delivery and instant access provided, there are no refunds for workshops.

Can I just get the patterns without the workshop?

The collection of "A Taste of Brioche" workshop patterns is currently exclusive to the workshop. They will be available to purchase separately in the future.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

If you have a question, please reach out to support at

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