Do you love the look of lace knitting?

(but it scares you a little)

Have you seen a lace pattern or chart?

(and it scared you a lot)

Feeling like you've mastered

your knits and purls,

and now you’re ready for more?

Learn how to confidently knit lace

and understand lace knitting charts!

The Beginner’s Guide to Lace Knitting

Mini Workshop will help you …

🧶 Discover the basic stitches used to create elegant lace knitting.

🧶 Understand lace knitting chart symbols.

🧶 Learn how to decode a knitting chart, so you don’t have to work from pages and pages of written instructions (or know a secret language!)

You’re feeling pretty confident with the basics of knitting, but …

You feel intimidated by lace patterns, and maybe a little overwhelmed too?

You’re worried about making a mistake while knitting … or dropping your stitches and having to start all all over again!

You find lace knitting charts confusing, and avoid any pattern that use them!

And you wish you had a trusted resource to explain it all to you without wasting hours searching through different online tutorials to find the answers to your questions.

Here’s everything included in

The Beginner’s Guide to Lace Knitting Workshop:

✔️ The best cast-on methods to use for lace … so your edge stretches with your lace stitches!

✔️ How to read your stitches … so you can easily find where you are in a pattern.

(even when there are distractions!)

✔️ The simplest ways to keep your place across a row of lace knitting (even when you keep getting interrupted!)

✔️ My best tips and tricks for fixing mistakes … so you don’t have to frog or undo hours of work! (including missing yarn overs!)

✔️ How to use Lifelines ... and why you NEED them! (this will save you so much stress!!)

✔️ How to Block Your knitting … and why you SHOULD! (I’ll show you the difference!)

✔️ What do those grey “No Stitch” boxes mean on a chart? I’ll explain everything so they finally make sense!

(one of the most commonly asked questions in knitting groups!)

✔️ We’ll walk through of reading a charted pattern together so you’ll see how they work.

✔️ I’ll share my complete Stich-by-Stitch Tutorial of my Tudor Lace Cowl pattern, so you can knit your own after the class (so you can re-watch it as many times as you need!)

Plus … you’ll also receive $38 in bonuses
when you sign up today:

🎁 BONUS 1:

My printable Lace Stitch Cheat Sheet, for easy reference! (value $10)

🎁 BONUS 2:

My Tudor Lace Cowl Knitting Pattern, to help you practice your new knitting stitches. (value $8)

🎁 BONUS 3:

Get 3 additional Lace Stitch Knitting Stitches - with charted and written instructions - so you can practice everything you’ve learned! Use these to knit a scarf, cowl, blanket, or anything you'd love to make that keeps you practicing your new skills! (value $20)

I'm a knit and crochet designer and instructor. I’ve taught both crafts in my local yarn shop, local libraries, and in virtual mini-workshops like just this one.

I've always found myself drawn to design patterns that work well for beginner classes or patterns that teach crafters a new technique or skill.

My focus as a designer and instructor is on helping fellow knitters and crocheters demystify techniques to grow their toolbox of knowledge.

Let me help you learn to love lace knitting as much as I do!

Join me for the workshop,

and learn everything you need to know

to knit your own beautiful cable projects!


Today’s Price: Just $37

What do students say about the workshop?

“I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop today and look forward to making the cowl.”

- Donna

"You did a great job! I'm excited to start on the cowl and knitting some lace."

- Stacey

“This has been awesome, you're a natural born teacher.”

- Magda

Real Questions from other Knitters:

  • How will I access the lessons?
    Everything is online and available to watch on demand, so all you need is a computer or tablet, an internet connection, and a quiet space to watch.. Learn how to knit lace from your comfy spot in your comfy clothes.

  • How long is the workshop?
    The workshop includes more than an hour of videos and tutorials from me, broken down into small bite-size clips that range from 2 - 10 minutes on average. I’ve made it easy for you to learn at your own pace, find exactly the information you need, and watch & re-watch as often as you like if you want to review or get stuck.

  • Is there a workbook?
    Yes! In addition to the online videos and tutorials, I’ve created a mini-workbook to help you take notes as you learn. You can fill in the answers on your computer, or print it if you prefer writing by hand.

  • What supplies do I need?
    There is a complete supply list in the classroom. The included Tudor Lace Cowl pattern is knit using US 8/5.0 mm knitting needles and 200 yards/183 meters of worsted weight yarn.

  • What is the refund policy?
    Due to the digital delivery and instant access provided, there are no refunds for this mini workshop.

  • What if I have a question while watching the workshop lessons?
    If you have a question, please reach out to support at


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