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Welcome fiber friend, I’m so glad you’re here!

Whether you are a beginner knitter who's ready to advance your skills, or a prolific seasoned maker ... you’ll find something in my collection of patterns that you will love creating from the first stitch cast-on to the last stitch you bind-off.

I design clear and easy-to-follow knit & crochet patterns, so you can spend more time enjoying your yarn, instead of feeling lost trying to understand the directions. 

There are 4 ways I can help you become a better knitter!

Stitch-by-Stitch Tutorials

Tutorial videos are often included for tricky or uncommon techniques. You’ll never feel lost when you follow my videos - in fact, it feels like you have a knitting instructor by your side to support you from the first stitch cast-on to the last stitch bound off. My patterns are the ones you’ll want to create over and over again.

Project-based Workshops

Want to dive deeper into a technique? My workshops help you feel confident and competent in your skills, so you are ready to take on future projects that incorporate these techniques. My workshops will help you feel proud and empowered with your own yarnie achievements - and you’ll come away with a real finished “thing!”

Low Vision Accessible Patterns 

Supporting the Low Vision community is a passion of mine, and I am helping grow the availability of patterns for makers who struggle with vision loss - either clinically or over time.

Warm & Welcoming Knitting Community

You’ll find a hyper-engaged friendly community filled with friendly fellow makers who share their passion for yarn and creating by hand, especially using Double the Stitches patterns. This is a positive, uplifting group where we offer one another encouragement and inspiration.

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Picture the excitement as you click to open that email, revealing a beautiful and engaging project just waiting to be created.

Whether you're sipping your morning coffee or snuggled up on the couch, this monthly delivery of yarnie inspiration will brighten your day & ignite your creativity.

Only the first 50 29 Founding Members will get my "OOPS! Fix Your Knitting Mistakes" Workshop for FREE!

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A few favorite designs ...

Alexander Cable Beanie Knitting Pattern by Jessica Ays
Coterie Shawl Knitting Pattern by Jessica Ays
Tinok Bib and Burp Cloth Knitting Pattern by Jessica Ays
Tudor Lace Cowl Knitting Pattern by Jessica Ays
Reversibility Cowl Knitting Pattern by Jessica Ays
Peridot Bandana Cowl Knitting Pattern by Jessica Ays


"Practice Makes Progress"

This simple philosophy has become an important focus for me when teaching knitting and crocheting. I love teaching crafters of all skill levels, and sharing my knowledge. I love adding uncommon techniques into my patterns and lessons, and often helping you discover a different approach to a technique you've done a hundred times before.

My favorite thing about knitting is that there's always something new to learn, always a new tip or trick you haven't come across before.

It fills my heart with joy to empower you to become a confident knitter, trusting the process and tackling techniques you never dreamed you could accomplish.

Let's fill your toolbox of yarnie knowledge together!

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    You’ll find a warm and welcoming space filled with friendly fellow knitters share their love of yarn and creating by hand.

    This is a positive, uplifting group where we offer one another encouragement and inspiration.

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